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Why choose SV Signings as your mobile notary?

Welcome to Silicon Valley Signings, your premier choice for mobile notary services. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, privacy, and ongoing continued education, ensuring that we’re always up-to-date with the latest California Notarial Law and best practices.

Our fully mobile capabilities, including on-the-fly printing and scanning, allow us to adapt swiftly to any document needs, making us your trusted partner for seamless notary services. With flexible scheduling by appointment and round-the-clock 24/7 availability, we’re here to meet your notary needs when you need them most.

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Contact us through
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Clarify documents
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Mobile Notary Service Fees

Notarized Signature Basis

Travel/Convenience Fees:

Loan Packages:

In Santa Clara County
Outside Santa Clara Cty

Estate/Trust Signings:

In Santa Clara County
Outside Santa Clara County

*** These fees apply to packages with a max of 2 either Grant Deeds and/or Business Filings. If more than 2, we will charge additional $15 per notarized signature on any Deed or Business Filing over 2 docs.

International Shipping Fee:

Why Use a Mobile Notary?

Privacy & Expertise

We provide clear guidance on notarization capabilities and you don’t have to worry about privacy!


We offer flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate your needs, including after typical business hours.

Unable To Travel

We accommodate individuals facing travel challenges, whether due to age, health issues, or work commitments.

Commonly Notarize Documents

Loan Docs



Adoption Documents

College Credentials

Pension Verification

RN Travel Authorization Forms

Minor To Travel Authorization Forms

Criminal Background Check Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile notary, often referred to as a traveling notary, is a certified notary public who is available to travel to your specified location for the purpose of executing notarial services. Silicon Valley Signings extends the convenience of this mobile notary service to cater to your specific requirements.

Silicon Valley Signings offers a comprehensive range of mobile notary services, which include:

  • Notarization of any type of document.
  • On-site Criminal Background Check Notarization at the Sheriff's office.
  • Handling foreign documents and international adoptions.
  • On-site notarization at various locations such as your home, business, coffee shop, healthcare facility, university/college, police station, and H.O.A. office.
  • Notarization of estate planning and trust documents.
  • Serving as the Inspector of Elections for Homeowners Associations (HOA).
  • Notarizing loan documents for all types of loans, with Certified Loan Signing Agents.
  • We are equipped with mobile printing and scanning capabilities, streamlining the notary and document delivery process. In cases of errors or omissions, we can swiftly react and reprint the necessary corrections, particularly beneficial for Estate Planning Attorneys and Escrow Officers.
  • We can arrange the courier service for your documents to FedEx, UPS, or your preferred destination.
  • We offer discounted flat-rate shipping via FedEx to any international country.
  • Our scheduling is flexible, and we even provide same-day service without additional fees (if available). Typically, we request just one day's notice to book an appointment.

Accepted Forms of Identification:

  • Driver's License or I.D. card (CA or Out of State)
  • Mexican or Canadian Driver License
  • U.S. State Department issued passport
  • Valid foreign-issued passports
  • U.S. military issued I.D. card
  • CA State, County, or City I.D. card (with a current photo, serial number, and signature – not expired)
  • A Consular card (must include a physical description, photo, serial number, and signature)
  • Federally recognized Tribal I.D. card (must have a physical description, photo, serial number, and signature)
  • Inmate card or wristband for incarcerated signers.

If you are unable to provide any of the above-mentioned forms of ID, you may be identified through an Oath or Affirmation by credible identifying witnesses who possess their own approved ID cards. These witnesses must have personal knowledge of your identity, be aware of your inability to obtain an approved ID, and maintain honesty and impartiality.

Payments: We accept Cash, Check, Credit Card or Zelle.

We CAN notarize virtually any type of document, (even a handwritten contract on a napkin).

We CAN’T notarize any document if you do not have a current, valid acceptable form of ID.

Because notarizations by law must still be done in person in  CA, we cannot accept mailed in documents for notarization.