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Why choose SV Signings as your mobile apostille?

Silicon Valley Signings is your trusted mobile apostille company serving Santa Clara County and beyond. We take pride in our on-site apostille service, ensuring that your documents are notarized or picked up at your convenience.

We guide you through the entire process. Our expertise extends nationwide and internationally, allowing us to Apostille documents from all 50 states.

We offer a complimentary document review and can even stand in line at the county recorder on your behalf. Once the necessary steps are completed, we obtain Apostille Certificates from the CA Secretary of State and can return the documents to you or efficiently ship them to your provided address.

Years of Experience

The Mobile Apostille Process

Step 1

Contact us through
any of our channels

Step 2

Clarify documents
and services required.

Step 3

Our apostille services come to you!

What Our Clients Say!

Apostille Service Fees

CA Apostilles

*** Fees are set for Santa Clara County

***Our Standard Service is actually Expedited Service, we get your Documents back to you within 2-3 business days (90% of docs submitted come back in 2 business days).

Standard Service
*** Rush Service CA Apostilles-Same Day (if doc received by 11am) OR Next Day if received after 11am.
Rush Service

County Clerk Recorder Certification of Documents

Starts at $60 for Santa Clara. Fees for counties other than Santa Clara can be discussed.

Out of State Apostilles

Document Translation

Rush Document Translation

US Department of State Apostilles

* Up to 16 weeks turnaround time
* Multiple document discount
* Includes free document review, shipping to US Dept. of State, Apostille Fees, our experience and expertise.

Typical docs requiring Certification:

 Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Divorce Settlements.

Why Use a Mobile Apostille?

Privacy & Expertise

We provide clear guidance on apostille capabilities and you don’t have to worry about privacy!


We offer flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate your needs, including after typical business hours.

Unable To Travel

We accommodate individuals facing travel challenges, whether due to age, health issues, or work commitments.

Documents Commonly Needing an Apostille

Certificates & Affidavit

Copy of U.S.A. Passport

Divorce Decrees

Driving Record-DMV

College Credentials

Social Security

Power of Attorney

Travel Consent Letter

Background Check Forms

TEFL/TESOL Certification

GED Diploma and Transcripts

Authorization of Agent

Articles of Incorporation

Commercial Registry

IRS Form 6166

Certificate to Foreign Government

Petition for Name Change

Certificate of Naturalization

Federal Tax Returns

Adoption Documents

OCI Application (India)

U.S Federal Court Documents

U.S Bankruptcy Court Documents

US Patent and Trademarks

Frequently Asked Questions

Silicon Valley Signings offers an Apostille Service to authenticate and legalize documents for international use. They streamline the process by ensuring your documents meet the necessary criteria, submitting them for Apostille certification, and returning them to you. This service is ideal for individuals and businesses involved in international matters, simplifying the often complex authentication process.

Things needed from client for apostille service are: current, valid ID(if documents require notarization); willingness to let us review their documents for free to ensure documents are eligible for apostille.

All countries party to The Hague Convention of 1961 will require apostilles for acceptance of documents.  

Any country not party to the The Hague Convention of 1961, would need certification from that countries individual embassy here in the U.S.

We accept cash, check, credit cards, or Zelle for payment. (Corporate billing on a 30 day net basis available.) 

What distinguishes our Apostille Service is our extensive six years of experience and a successful track record with thousands of documents. In today's world, time is of the essence, and risking document rejection due to an inexperienced notary is a costly gamble. Our expertise encompasses a range of documents, including Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, and Special Powers of Attorney.

We're not your typical "mail it in courier" Apostille service that pops up in Google's paid ads. We offer an ON-SITE Apostille service, providing personalized guidance through every step of the Apostille process, ensuring a flawless outcome and preventing potentially expensive delays or rejections by the Secretary of State.

In collaboration with some of Silicon Valley's major companies, we stay updated with the regulatory requirements of foreign countries, enabling them to continue doing business internationally. Our assistance extends to startups and small businesses, helping them navigate the necessary documents to establish a presence in foreign countries.

For busy Executive Assistants and Admins working under tight schedules, our flexible and accommodating scheduling ensures documents are notarized and apostilled promptly, meeting their executives' needs. Additionally, we've aided countless private individuals with various Apostille requirements, such as real estate transactions abroad, TEFL certifications for teaching English overseas, overseas weddings, dual citizenship applications, income tax verifications, and more.

With SV Signings, you can trust in our expertise to ensure your documents are authenticated correctly the first time.

We welcome mailed-in documents for Apostille services. Vital Records, including Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificates, are accepted, provided they have been properly certified by the County Clerk Recorder in the jurisdiction where the event occurred. Additionally, Divorce Decrees and Settlements, when certified by the Court Clerk, can be sent to us through mail. If the document has already been appropriately notarized, you can also mail those documents to us.

To safeguard the eligibility of your documents for Apostille, we offer a complimentary document review, ensuring that they meet the necessary criteria.